Rules and regulations are constantly changing and have resulted in a time consuming & confusing credentialing process. The guidelines for credentialing are far more difficult than ever before. Insurance companies are looking for new ways to protect provider information and try to minimize fraud. As a result, many practices are unable to collect on services rendered.

BILLPro is committed to be aware of all changes in order to provide the best and most current credentialing process possible. BILLPro specializes in helping our clients cut through the red tape.

Very few medical practices have the staff that has the knowledge and strong contacts in the insurance community as our BILLPro credentialing team.

Our refined system ensures that all of the necessary information we need is compiled, submitted and persistently pursued. We closely follow each application through the entire process until completion and the provider is properly credentialed.

Best of all, we’ll keep you updated through the entire process.

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BILLPro Helps You Navigate the Credentialing Maze
BILLPro helps you navigate the credentialing maze and collect on your services faster.