ICD 10 and What it May Entail

Great article from MedCity News.

The US has been one of the first countries to adapt ICD 9 codes formedical billing and claims. With the industry focused on healthcare reform, changes in supporting functions are inevitable. The ICD 10 is far more comprehensive, featuring 68,000 documentation codes for diagnosis in comparison to the 14,000 of ICD 9. These codes could also include alpha numeric identifiers unlike ICD 9 and will span from 3-7 characters. Procedural codes for ICD 10 are expected to total about 87,000 and include 7 alphanumeric identifiers in comparison to 4,000 codes in ICD 9. The new codes are expected to be more compact in case classification, reducing chances of misrepresentation when dealing with insurance and medical billing companies.

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