We Love Details!

We’re fanatically fascinated by facts!

We actually conduct a thorough, daily search for changes that span the industry that may affect our clients.

No other billing company goes to the depth that we do in supporting our clients.

Let’s face it, medical practices can’t possibly keep up with all of the changes affecting occurring in coding, billing and regulation…much less try to decipher what everyone is saying and how it affects your practice.

We don’t react to change. We make sure all of our clients are prepared for upcoming insurance changes.

BILLPro stays on top of these changes and keeps you apprised if something new affects your practice. Every account representative is notified of all changes daily.

And, since we don’t get paid unless you get paid, BILLPro Account Representatives provide more aggressive claim follow-up than can be done in-house. We contact insurance carriers biweekly on unprocessed claim and we fight to collect every dollar that you’ve earned.

BILLPro actively searches for information to ensure that your claims get paid the first time. Constant monitoring of industry Listservs (CMS, CGS, ODJFS, etc) and electronic bulletins make jumping through the insurance company hoops easy. The message board is a concrete, fully researched funnel of information that goes directly to our valued clients. This information is available daily on BILLPro’s message board , which every BILLPro client has access to.

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“My office definitely runs smoother because of BILLPro. There are a lot of things that doctors worry about – collection, insurance, malpractice. With BILLPro we never have a problem.”  – Edward S. Rosenthal, MD, FACP